Arlen McCausland

Arlen McCausland is an Associate in RCG’s London office. He is an analyst supporting market intelligence and technical advisory work across all renewable energy technologies and regions.

Mr McCausland joined RCG full-time in 2020 after completing an internship with the company. His skill set includes market research and the development and use of in-house data evaluation tools. Having studied an engineering degree Mr McCausland has a broad range of academic expertise relevant to renewable energy.

Prior to working at RCG, Mr McCausland studied an engineering degree with a focus on renewable energy systems and sustainable technologies. Through his studies and time at RCG he has developed knowledge across a wide range of renewable technologies. Mr McCausland is also an experience programmer.

Mr McCausland is qualified in engineering science.


Dan Kyle Spearman is a Director in RCG’s London office, leading on floating wind. A background in naval architecture with 6 years of fixed and floating offshore wind experience brings a broad range of technical, operational and commercial expertise.

Mr Spearman is an expert in floating offshore wind and has worked with the leading developers to reduce the cost and risks to enable the future commercialisation of floating wind. He has a proven track record of delivering complex projects with multiple stakeholders across a range of topics in both fixed and floating offshore wind.

Dan Kyle Spearman has a wide range of offshore wind experience, having managed the Floating Wind Joint Industry Programme and the O&M workstream in the world-leading Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) research programme. In these collaborative programmes, he worked closely with fifteen of the leading international developers and Scottish Government to make both fixed and floating offshore wind into mainstream energy sources. In particular, Dan worked with developers to address the technical challenges for deployment of future large-scale floating farms, giving insight into the challenges and opportunities of floating wind and engaging with the floating wind supply chain to implement the results. He has also managed multiple projects relating to marine logistics which have reduced costs, improved offshore health and safety and reduced vessel emissions. He has supported innovators with demonstrating and commercialising their technologies. Previous experience includes the designing and testing of high-speed vessels, control system programming and build co-ordination at a major UK shipyard.

Dan Kyle Spearman is a qualified Naval Architect with additional qualifications in project management. He also has STCW certification for going offshore.

Tor Inge Vevatne is a Director and serves as General Manager of RCG Nordic. He has over 12 years’ experience focusing on cost modelling and investment strategy in the renewables sector.

Mr Vevatne has led financial advisory assignments, building project finance, cost, and optimisation models for clients from first principles. These accomplishments have been achieved through close cooperation with engineers in multi-disciplinary project teams which have required Mr Vevatne strong inter-personal skills in international environments. Mr Vevatne is also a Director and founder of ÆGE Energy.

Mr Vevatne works closely with specialists in multiple areas which has allowed him to develop a unique insight into the onshore and offshore wind and electrical infrastructure industry beyond what is normal for financial experts. His project knowledge includes cost modelling, permits, power purchase agreements (PPAs), wind analysis, supply chain, price curve forecasting, use of system tariffs and grid agreements. His experience includes financial analysis for UK onshore wind acquisitions; offshore wind cost and optimisation modelling; cost model auditing for offshore wind industry; onshore wind cost modelling, merit order analysis and acquisition strategy.


Ching-Wen Huang is an Associate Director based in RCG’s office in Taipei, Taiwan. He is supporting project development, market intelligence and technical advisory work, across all renewable energy technologies. Mr Huang’s background is in sustainability consulting, focusing on the energy sector and technology industries.

Mr Huang has in-depth knowledge for offshore wind farm development, and supporting developers to step into emerging market and scope greenfield wind farm. Prior to joining RCG, Mr Huang spent several years with KPMG,  the multinational professional services network, supporting projects related to climate change policy and strategy for both the government and corporate clients. He has deep experience working with Taiwan’s state-owned power company, working with it build a road map for sustainable development goals. Mr Huang’s knowledge covers Taiwan’s renewable energy policy, especially offshore wind, corporate power purchase agreements (CPPAs), and renewable energy certification (REC). He has carried out environmental management system advisory, implementing ISO 14001. He also has a background in ocean GIS database management and oceanographic survey campaigns.

Mr Matthew Irvine is a director of RCG, joining the Americas team in 2019 to head up the Vancouver office. He has worked in the wind and solar industry for over 10 years and has lifecycle experience on 12 GW of renewables assets globally.

Mr Irvine is an expert in wind turbine technology, due diligence and business operations, having worked with a leading UK wind developer, global renewable energy consultancy and German wind turbine manufacturer. As Director, he has responsibility for shaping both our Americas and global strategy. He has a proven track record in business growth and in directing large, complex, and multi-disciplinary teams and projects.

Before joining RCG, Mr Irvine managed the Americas advisory services line and Canadian operations for a major renewable energy consultancy, successfully increasing the business unit’s turnover by 30% and diversifying its service offering to include solar and battery storage front end engineering design. With experience spanning wind project development in the UK, wind turbine manufacturing in Germany and global renewable energy consultancy, Mr Irvine has held multiple prominent industry roles and has managed some of the world’s largest renewable energy M&A assignments, including the $750m Rampion offshore wind acquisition, closely advising Canadian multinational energy company, Enbridge Inc. This includes serving as project director on over 50 due diligence assignments for global investors and banks. In addition to technical advisory, he has extensive experience in wind farm development having worked with the UK’s leading wind project developer, and offshore wind turbine manufacturing having been the sales manager for technical inquiries and contract negotiations in relation to a 5 MW hybrid offshore wind turbine platform.

Mr Irvine is qualified in Mechanical Engineering.

Kimberly Peterson is a Principal at RCG’s New York Office. She is an experienced renewable energy analyst, working on assignments including project site characterisation, M&A due diligence, and bid management.

Since joining RCG, Ms Peterson has contributed to both technical reports and market research, working on global energy markets.  In the United States she has supported offshore wind bid management, solar and onshore wind due diligence, and competitor analysis; in Asia-Pacific she has worked on site characterisation and selection for fixed and floating offshore wind. Ms Peterson has also supported a major United States government-sponsored offshore wind program.

Trained in oceanography and atmospheric science, Ms Peterson brings to RCG practical experience in data analytics, assessment, and effective communication on environmental topics. She provides support across all renewable energy business sectors.

Ms Peterson was employed in research positions at Princeton’s Department of Geosciences and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her past research includes the mechanics of tropical cyclones around New Zealand as well as visualizing hurricanes’ storm surges to predict infrastructure damage and severity. She brings a passion and understanding of the mechanics of extreme weather and climate to the renewables market, which must harness these chaotic resources.