RCG is a specialized expert services firm, focused solely on the global renewable energy industry.

Market Intelligence

  • Data services
  • Industry and market reports
  • Market dynamics
  • Horizon scanning
  • Modelling and forecasting
  • Intelligence tools
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Management Consulting

  • Corporate strategy
  • Go-to-market
  • Transaction advisory
  • Public affairs
  • Business process improvement
  • People and organisation
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Technical Advisory

  • Development services
  • Independent engineering
  • Due diligence
  • Contracts and commercial
  • Safety, risk and compliance
  • Asset management and operations
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‘Global Offshore Wind: Annual Market Report’ (Q1 2020) now available for download (and/or) purchase.

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Public and social sector

Success in the world of renewable energy generation, transmission and storage, means being able to navigate this complex and fast-moving sector whilst maintaining stakeholder support and ensuring value-for-money.

We understand this world.  Our team of experienced and well-connected experts will guide you through the political, social and economic uncertainties and help you make the most of the considerable opportunities on offer.

We work collaboratively with governments and their advisors, academics, think-tanks, NGOs and communities.  You can come to us for strategic advice, policies and roadmaps that will support your ambitions during the transition to a low carbon economy.  We assess and audit projects anywhere in the world and will help ensure renewable energy is delivered strategically, safely and cost-effectively.

  • Market analysis and reports
  • Regulatory and policy advice
  • Environmental assessments and issue resolution
  • Technology roadmaps
  • Economic valuations
  • Risk management

Emilie Reeve

Director; Global Practice Lead - Public Sector

Public and social sector expert

Emily Kuhn


Public and social sector expert

Financial services and corporate buyers

As an investor or corporate buyer seeking success in the expanding global renewable energy, transmission and storage markets, you understand the need to identify the right opportunities and accurately assess risk.

We know this requires a deep knowledge of the market, the technologies, legal and policy frameworks, and project costs – and we are uniquely-positioned to provide the support you need.

We work with leading institutions in all major areas of the banking and insurance sectors, including: private equity; clients and capital markets; asset management; insurance and reinsurance; and risk, liquidity and capital management.

As renewable energy has become more cost effective, customer demand for clean, affordable sources of energy has soared. Corporate buyers are increasingly looking for ways to contract directly for renewable energy, or bundle energy and renewable credits, to protect against future energy price increases and meet their climate and renewable energy goals.

Our team has the commercial background and the professional skills and judgement to help you assess projects, investment opportunities, power purchase agreements, renewable energy procurement, and risks. You can be confident that our advice is independent, relevant and tailored to your needs.

  • Market entry and exit strategy
  • Project screening and valuation
  • Due diligence
  • Post-investment appraisals
  • Power purchase agreements (PPAs) and renewable energy credits
  • Asset review and independent engineering advice

Andrew Cole

Managing Director - EMEA; Global Practice Lead - Financial Services

Financial services and corporate buyers expert

Matthew Irvine


Financial services and corporate buyers expert

Utilities and independent power producers

In an increasingly demanding sector, we can help you grow your renewable energy business across the value chain, reducing risk, lowering costs and making the most of your assets and opportunities.

We support our clients in developing successful strategies in a range of established and emerging technologies, including onshore and offshore wind, solar, transmission, storage, wave and tidal.

We deliver advice at all stages: from market entry and business development, through permitting, technology selection, front-end engineering and construction, to O&M and ultimate decommissioning or repowering. We can increase the efficiency and bankability of projects or deliver greater value across a whole portfolio of assets, however diverse.

You’ll find our experienced multi-disciplinary team focussed, responsive and hands-on. And we can be with you every step of the way or just when you need us.

  • Go-to-market strategy and market analysis
  • Concession bid management
  • Regulatory and policy advice
  • EIA, permitting and compliance
  • Risk management
  • Supplier, contractor, site or equipment assessments
  • Construction support, including client representation at all levels
  • Project value optimization
  • Project life support for QHSE

Dr Lee Clarke

Chief Operating Officer; Global Practice Lead - Utilities & IPPs

Utilities and independent power producers expert

Julie Drew-Murphy

Associate Director

Utilities and independent power producers expert

Contractors and manufacturers

If you are looking to identify new business opportunities in the renewable energy sector or to maximize value and returns for yourself and your clients, we are here to support you.

Our team of experts has worked on some of the world’s most significant renewable energy projects and technologies.  We understand the particular demands of the sector and have the commercial and technical expertise to help you address them.

We work with equipment manufacturers, suppliers and contractors across the global market to provide assistance or full management of projects.  Our strategic advice can help you progress your business through cost reduction, scaling or supply chain industrialization.  Our practical knowledge can help you with the detail of bids, compliance and project management.

You can rely on us to guide you through the complexities and the opportunities of the growing renewable energy sector, providing support with a range of services.

  • Market analysis and entry strategy
  • Tender and bid optimization
  • Design standards and safety compliance
  • Liabilities and risk management
  • Construction support services, including client representation at all levels
  • Health and safety
  • Project planning, contracting, and execution
  • Interface management

Nick Chivers

Director; Global Practice Lead - OEMs & Contractors

Contractors and manufacturers expert

Sam Park


Contractors and manufacturers expert



RCG named as one of Consulting® Magazine’s Fastest Growing Firms

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RCG adds offshore wind expert Chris Houston to firm’s Scottish team

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Who we are

We are an integrated market intelligence, management consulting and technical advisory firm with our roots firmly in the global renewable energy industry.

Passionate, practical and highly knowledgeable about our sector, our team delivers independent advice, intelligent solutions and commercial value for clients. We cover established and emerging technologies including offshore wind, onshore wind, solar energy, electricity storage, wave power and tidal energy.

We think and we do – and we’ll mobilise the best people for the job for you.

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