Sean Peedle


Sean Peedle is an associate at RCG’s Tokyo office, having joined in early 2022. He has experience in research and analysis of renewable energy projects in the APAC region 

Sean Peedle joined RCG in February 2022 and has developed experience in the renewable energy market in the APAC region, particularly Japan. He also has a thorough understanding of emergent technologies, having contributed to cutting edge research on solar cell materials. 

Using his fluency in both English and Japanese, Mr Peedle has been involved in analysing Japanese government energy policies to assess possible wind and solar energy market trends. With a background in natural sciences, he also has expertise in emergent technologies including batteries, hydrogen and photovoltaics. In particular, he has authored scientific papers using cathodoluminescence scanning electron microscopy to study the effect of different film deposition conditions on the efficiency of Cu(In,Ga)S2 solar cell devices. 

Mr Peedle trained as a materials scientist to masters level. He has experience in research of next generation solar cell technologies and contributed to published scientific papers studying thin film Cu(In,Ga)S2 photovoltaics. 

Representative Assignments

Japan Renewable Energy Market Overview report
Supported research into the current Japanese renewables market (including offshore, onshore and solar), outlining current status and likely trends over the coming years.

APAC Offshore Wind Media report
Collected and summarised articles released by Japanese media concerning news on offshore wind projects and other renewable technologies to produce weekly reports.