Mark Wilson


Mark Wilson is a Geographic Information System (GIS) specialist having broad mapping experience in various sectors, spatially interpreting and analysing data to provide real-world, evidence-driven understanding and subsequently assist decision making.

Mark is an accomplished GIS professional, skilled in data handling, management, presentation and analytics. With knowledge of various software and processing tools, he can optimise outputs and respond to client needs, with experience of working at local and international scales.

With experience within the transport and renewable energy sectors, Mark utilises GIS on an array of scales and projects and works within multiple disciplines. Acting as a technical lead on mega-projects has provided Mark with data handling skills and techniques suitable for complex structures and a role within a global company. Using software and technology more widely, he also creates apps, maps and surveys to assist in the collection, handling and manipulation of data, feeding into multifaceted outputs.

Starting as a Geographer, Mark quickly entered cartography and the GIS community. Being a member of the Association for Geographic Information (AGI), he has also participated in events like the ESRI annual conference and National GIS Day.

Representative Assignments

Mega-Project GIS/Technical Lead
Led and delivered the technical aspect of a major development in the Middle East, working alongside other subject matter exerts to get additional understanding and provide better insights.
Environmental and Hydrological Due Diligence
Created an app and ‘web experience’ to showcase the major environmental and hydrological constraints within the UK.
Data Collection (crowd and open-source)
Harvested data from many sources to support project needs and drive it forward. Also utilising public participation and on-site surveys for completeness and a safety aspect.