Jacob Brown


Jacob Brown is an Associate in RCG’s New York office. He has experience in renewable energy advisory, finance, and development, with particular emphasis on the solar and battery recycling markets.

A new associate of RCG, Jacob brings engineering knowledge, an understanding of system dynamics, and a firm belief in renewable energy. He also has knowledge of solar project development and renewable energy investments, coming from his time working in these fields. Jacob pairs this experience with an analytical background and technical knowledge of computer science, systems engineering, and data science.

Jacob has experience ranging from major electricity suppliers to development firms. His past work includes projects as diverse as a market report on battery recycling; site assessment for project development; and landowner outreach for potential solar farms. In addition to his industry knowledge, he has experience in energy systems and policy, climate technology, and corporate venture capital for a renewable energy firm.

Trained in systems engineering and computer science, Jacob uses his analytical background to build his knowledge of the renewable energy field.

Representative Assignments

Battery Recycling Market Report
Reporting on battery recycling market, including present and emerging technologies, key companies and market forces, and analysis of raw materials. Modelled future American demand to predict market size for domestic recycling firms.
Solar Farm Site Assessment
Conducted land searches using geospatial mapping tools for utility-scale solar development.
Transit Case Study
Authored case study on major American bus network, focusing on land use, population clusters, and service frequency.