GRIP and data services

In the fast-changing and complex world of renewable energy it pays to keep on top of ever-increasing amounts of industry data. That is why we created our Global Renewable Infrastructure Projects (GRIP) Database. RCG can also provide custom services and analysis, turning data into valuable insights.


What do we provide?

Our GRIP Database is a dynamic tool that provides access to strategic information on the global renewable energy market, across a range of technologies. At present the service is available for offshore wind projects only – but other technologies will be added soon.

This service provides reliable, real-time information that adds value to your business and helps you stay ahead of the game.

Where do we source our data?

Intelligence is gathered from our network of industry contacts, government publications, regulators, publicly available company information, financial markets, and media sources.

What makes our service different?

We apply our analytical workflow to assess the quality of the data before incorporating information into our proprietary databases and forecasting models. Add to the mix the knowledge and industry foresight of the highly experienced team at RCG and you have at your fingertips high quality information you can rely on to support the growth of your business.


We have four options, allowing you to find the right solution for your business:

  • Basic – our FREE service, that provides a simple and powerful way to understand the market.
  • Professional – single licences, that unlock comprehensive, verified project data, forecasting, and the ability export data.
  • Business – a cost-effective solution that allows you to give the whole team access to the ‘Professional’ version.
  • Enterprise – our bespoke solutions tailored to your organisation’s requirements and which include access to our analytics team.

Easy to use, secure and targeted precisely to your needs, the RCG GRIP Database is an invaluable tool for your organisation.

Custom data services

Our clients are seeking a competitive advantage and gain value when they harness data into actionable insight for better decision making and improved operations. We have a successful history of producing data extracts and analysis for a wide range of clients, including renewable energy project developers, investors and banks, manufacturers, and supply chain players.

RCG’s sophisticated and tailored market modelling and understanding of levelized energy costs allows clients to benchmark projects, build merit orders, and compare public data with their proprietary information. We can combine our database and geographic information system (GIS) services to manage, interrogate, and present data. Our team of subject matter experts can work with you to customise our reliable and flexible data to meet your specific needs, delivering it in the format you require.

RCG’s custom data analysis and reports can help you understand and analyse new market horizons and competitor activities, allowing you to execute your business accordingly, with higher value.

Whatever challenges you face, our experienced team can provide the renewable energy data needed to deliver a complete and workable solution.