Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is a Geographic Information System (GIS) specialist having broad mapping experience in various sectors, spatially interpreting and analysing data to provide real-world, evidence-driven understanding and subsequently assist decision making.

Mark is an accomplished GIS professional, skilled in data handling, management, presentation and analytics. With knowledge of various software and processing tools, he can optimise outputs and respond to client needs, with experience of working at local and international scales.

With experience within the transport and renewable energy sectors, Mark utilises GIS on an array of scales and projects and works within multiple disciplines. Acting as a technical lead on mega-projects has provided Mark with data handling skills and techniques suitable for complex structures and a role within a global company. Using software and technology more widely, he also creates apps, maps and surveys to assist in the collection, handling and manipulation of data, feeding into multifaceted outputs.

Starting as a Geographer, Mark quickly entered cartography and the GIS community. Being a member of the Association for Geographic Information (AGI), he has also participated in events like the ESRI annual conference and National GIS Day.

Taliesin Slatter is an Associate at RCG, joining in Summer 2022 while finishing his postgraduate studies. He has a passion for sustainability and has tailored his education to renewable energy, in particular offshore wind, during his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Taliesin has experience in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations and skills in data analysis and programming. He has provided support in a large variety of projects for multiple teams, from market intelligence to site finding.

Whilst studying an MSc in Sustainable Energy Technologies, Taliesin was able to explore the multidisciplinary nature of renewable energy projects and the de-carbonisation of energy. He brings a technical skillset to RCG, along with an ambition to contribute towards the UK’s net zero goals by helping to reduce the carbon intensity of the electrical grid and drive society towards a sustainable future. His education encompasses technical design projects, country-wide de-carbonisation assignments, floating platform response analysis and many topics in between.

Taliesin pursued an undergraduate degree in physics and is a Member of the Institute of Physics. He later specialised in renewable energy, covering a wide range of subjects such as energy markets and policy, carbon calculations, floating and fixed offshore wind anchoring systems, wind turbine and farm design, solar PV technologies, hydrogen fuel cells and electrolysers and wave and tidal generators.

Jacob Brown is an Associate in RCG’s New York office. He has experience in renewable energy advisory, finance, and development, with particular emphasis on the solar and battery recycling markets.

A new associate of RCG, Jacob brings engineering knowledge, an understanding of system dynamics, and a firm belief in renewable energy. He also has knowledge of solar project development and renewable energy investments, coming from his time working in these fields. Jacob pairs this experience with an analytical background and technical knowledge of computer science, systems engineering, and data science.

Jacob has experience ranging from major electricity suppliers to development firms. His past work includes projects as diverse as a market report on battery recycling; site assessment for project development; and landowner outreach for potential solar farms. In addition to his industry knowledge, he has experience in energy systems and policy, climate technology, and corporate venture capital for a renewable energy firm.

Trained in systems engineering and computer science, Jacob uses his analytical background to build his knowledge of the renewable energy field.

Sam Wilks joined RCG’s Floating Offshore Wind team in September 2022. He has experience working on technical aspects of offshore renewable energy project development and recently finished a Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy MEng, having specialised in offshore wind and hydrogen research.

Sam has a year of experience in offshore renewable energy project development and engineering consultancy.

As part of a small engineering team working on a 1.35 GW floating offshore wind power and 5 MW wave energy conversion projects off the west coast of Ireland, Sam worked on alternative route to market research (involving hydrogen and e-fuels), technology selection and cost modelling (for LCOE and LCOH projections).  He is focused on developing expertise in the technical and commercial aspects of renewable energy projects.

Sam’s master’s thesis assessed the stability of hydrogen and methane flames in power generation and household heating applications, via numerical simulations. This work is being published and built understanding on the feasibility of hydrogen as a de-carbonisation route for these sectors.

Sam is working towards chartership through the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

Andrew Sirota is an Associate in RCG’s New York Office.  As a newer addition to the RCG team, Andrew brings his interest in renewable energy and knowledge developing economic solutions to multifaceted issues. He also has experience with geospatial analysis and various research tasks.

With experience analyzing economic policy at a leading environmental non-profit and sustainable economics research for a major infrastructure firm, Andrew has worked on many projects relevant to the industry. He also has a strong background in economic impact analysis and experience comparing competing infrastructure projects for funding appropriations. Further, his projects utilizing geographic information systems, coupled with a passion for atmospheric sciences, make him especially keen to analyze climate issues from a spatial lens.

With a B.S. in Environment & Sustainability and a concentration in Environmental Economics and Climate Change, Andrew has a broad foundation of experience and knowledge to apply to the renewable energy sector.

Jan Galceran is an Associate in RCG’s Barcelona office. Jan’s background is in Social Sciences, complemented with Data Analysis to consolidate his research and consulting skills.

Jan developed research and analysis skills studying a degree on Philosophy, Politics and Economics, which is characterised by its interdisciplinarity. The degree provided Jan with tools to analyse reality from different perspectives in order to make well founded assessments. Prior to working with RCG, Jan studied a PgDip on Data Analysis and programming applied to Social Sciences that improved his knowledge on qualitative analysis. Through his internship in the Association of Political Science and Sociology of Catalonia, he learned about the Consultant’s role and gained experience in market research.

At RCG, Mr Galceran has gained extensive experience in European markets’ offshore wind policies and regulation, with a special focus in the South European markets. He has also worked on various South American projects. He has significant experience in market intelligence, market analysis, competitor analysis and supply chain analysis. Mr Galceran has carried out numerous market entry projects that included the identification of opportunities as well as risks for offshore wind deployment in a specific market.