Jan Galceran

Jan Galceran is an Associate in RCG’s Barcelona office. Jan’s background is in Social Sciences, complemented with Data Analysis to consolidate his research and consulting skills.

Jan developed research and analysis skills studying a degree on Philosophy, Politics and Economics, which is characterised by its interdisciplinarity. The degree provided Jan with tools to analyse reality from different perspectives in order to make well founded assessments. Prior to working with RCG, Jan studied a PgDip on Data Analysis and programming applied to Social Sciences that improved his knowledge on qualitative analysis. Through his internship in the Association of Political Science and Sociology of Catalonia, he learned about the Consultant’s role and gained experience in market research.

Liz McMaster is RCG’s first employee to join the Sydney, Australia ERM office. Liz has experience working with offshore wind energy open-source simulation tools and has completed a technoeconomic analysis of offshore cable costs for marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) applications. As an Associate, she has responsibility for supporting the joint ERM and RCG projects covering site identification and early development phase works for clients.

Liz brings experience in offshore wind farm design and planning from the dual-master’s program in Wind Energy Technology and Offshore Engineering from world-leading universities in wind energy (TU Delft, NTNU, and DTU). Her thesis, conducted in Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, experimentally examined offshore loadings on wind turbines due to thermal ice actions. Prior to her graduate program. Liz completed a research appointment at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Lab where she compared hydro-servo-elastic tools to model fixed-bottom offshore wind turbines. She also researched offshore cable costs to develop an open-source LCoE calculator for marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) applications. Prior to joining the wind industry, Liz gained some work experience in a successful US HVAC start-up (Delta-T) that focused on demand-side response in partnership with U.S. electric utilities.

Liz trained as a Mechanical Engineer. She holds two Master’s degrees in Offshore Engineering and Wind Energy Technology, which included training in offshore wind farm planning and development, LCoE analysis, and subsystem technical design, modelling and optimization. She is a Professional Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Yiting Lu is an Associate based in RCG’s Taipei office. She is supporting project development, market intelligence, and consulting. Ms Lu’s background is in energy policy and sustainability, with experience in collaborating with government, NGOs, and wider stakeholders.

Ms Lu joined RCG full-time in winter 2022 after the internship with the company through BCCTaipei x UKRC internship programme. Her skill set includes go-to-market assessment and sustainability research. Holding a climate change and sustainable development degree, Ms Lu has a broad range of academic experience with interdisciplinary perspectives.

Prior to joining RCG, Ms Lu has experience in corporate sustainability, market research, climate change negotiation, community-based adaptation, energy policy, and social science research. She has worked for the Norway Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce as a project assistant to coordinate the visits and forums for Norwegian companies to seek potential cooperation within the offshore wind industry in Taiwan. She has also worked in KPMG as an intern to support projects related to corporate sustainability strategy, and had internship in Cathay Financial Holdings to conduct renewable energy research.

Ms Lu is qualified in accounting and climate change & sustainable development.

Abigail Heublein is an Associate in RCG’s New York Office. She has experience in climate science, urban planning and land use regulations, and various geospatial and mapping technologies.

As a newer addition to RCG’s team, Ms Heublein brings her passion for renewable energy and her understanding of atmospheric dynamics and the complexities of climate systems. She also has knowledge of environmental regulations and land use, supported by her previous research. This expertise is complimented by her work with GIS and understanding of spatial analysis.

Ms Heublein contributed to research projects in her time at Miami University’s Geography Department, expanding her knowledge of GIS and quantitative analysis. Her past research includes brownfields, green rooftops, and other projects aimed at site selection and redevelopment opportunities. She also participated in a National Science Foundation REU, where she researched coastal land use and population changes to assess habitat suitability for the Horseshoe Crab and presented her work at the AGU Ocean Sciences Conference.

Trained in climate and society, urban planning, and sustainability, Ms Heublein has a diverse background to support her understanding of the renewable energy sector. She also obtained her GIS certification and was trained in tools to support her work.

Mr Hugo MacMillan is an Associate of RCG in the Floating Offshore Wind team. He graduated in 2019 from Durham University in Engineering and has 2 years of marine experience as an Engineer.

Mr MacMillan has previous marine experience as an engineer designing LNG passenger ferries. He worked closely with key authority companies in the marine industry lead the material supply chain. Having studied an engineering degree, Hugo has a broad range of academic expertise relevant to renewable energy.

Prior to working with RCG, Hugo studied and engineering degree and worked on a floating offshore wind maintenance project. Through his studies and marine experience, he has developed a range of experience.

Mr MacMillan is an Engineering Graduate with marine experience working towards a Chartership in Engineering with the IMechE.

Miss Donkin is an Associate in RCG’s London office. She has completed a Geography BSc degree and a masters in Climate Change, Development and Policy.

Through her studies, Miss Donkin has knowledge of how low carbon development can provide solutions to the climate change crisis, whilst providing international socio-economic and environmental benefits. She has experience collecting and analysing data and producing numerous quantitative and qualitative environmental reports.

Miss Donkin has carried out numerous research and analytical projects using both primary and secondary, quantitative and qualitative, data. Through studying the social, technical and political aspects to climate change solutions, she further developed her passion for renewable energy projects. Her dissertation project analysed the solar home system market in Sub Saharan Africa and identified barriers to the development of the market. Miss Donkin also undertook a 12-month Industrial Placement as an Environmental Consultant where she carried out environmental surveys, and desk-based studies, to produce Environmental Impact Assessments identifying the constraints of UK infrastructure projects on the surrounding environment.

Miss Donkin has a masters degree in Climate Change, Development and Policy and a bachelors degree in Geography BSc.