Jesse Broehl

Jesse Broehl is a Principal in RCG’s New York Office. He has over a decade of experience as a research analyst, consultant and wind energy subject matter expert journalist covering renewable energy. Mr. Broehl uniquely blends technical and industry knowledge on the US renewable energy market with years of writing and market report authorship experience.

Mr. Broehl is an experienced renewables analyst and has lead authorship on multiple technical and market intelligence reports. His experience includes over a decade focusing analyses on wind energy primarily, and solar and energy storage secondarily. As a skilled writer and industry analyst, Mr. Broehl is familiar with all aspects of the renewables market both domestically in the US and globally, and excels in market insights and strategy. He has served clients from across the industry, including wind turbine OEM companies, private equity companies, oil companies, and others.

Mr Broehl joins RCG from the leading US trade group for renewables, where he was a key member in renewable energy market, policy, and technology trend research and analyses. As a research analyst and consultant at an energy consultancy, Mr Broehl managed the firm’s global wind energy market analysis, competitive assessments, product and supply chain analysis, market forecasts and emerging technologies and strategies. In this role he was also the lead author on multiple annual reports and data products. Mr. Broehl has a degree in journalism and multiple lead authorship credits to his name.

Max Peel is an Associate in RCG’s London office. He has expertise in business development, levelised cost modelling and a thorough understanding of renewable energy technologies and associated policies.

Mr Peel has experience in levelised cost of hydrogen (LCoH) modelling, alongside offshore wind levelised cost of energy (LCoE) modelling. He has business development experience in identifying opportunities and supporting revenue growth within the financial technology (FinTech) sector. Mr Peel has a proven track record in presenting to senior management and success in developing strategies to translate technical information for non-technical audiences.

Mr Peel brings to RCG his experience in LCoE and LCoH modelling, acquired during his sustainable energy masters at Imperial College London. While there, his thesis was in partnership with a consultancy firm, and it investigated the transmission alternatives for hydrogen production from floating wind. Mr Peel is also a committed Climate Reality Leader, therefore has an in-depth understanding of present climate challenges and solutions, and how to communicate them effectively to organisations. Since joining RCG, he has been responsible for developing RCG’s LCoE modelling, which can forecast offshore wind cost competitiveness globally. Mr Peel has experience in conducting technical due-diligence and market intelligence research within floating wind, which he will utilise as a part of the floating wind team.

Mr Peel trained as a physicist to masters level. He also holds a masters qualification in sustainable energy engineering, which included training in a wide range of renewable energy technologies, economics and policies.

Arlen McCausland is an Associate in RCG’s London office. He is an analyst supporting market intelligence and technical advisory work across all renewable energy technologies and regions.

Mr McCausland joined RCG full-time in 2020 after completing an internship with the company. His skill set includes market research and the development and use of in-house data evaluation tools. Having studied an engineering degree Mr McCausland has a broad range of academic expertise relevant to renewable energy.

Prior to working at RCG, Mr McCausland studied an engineering degree with a focus on renewable energy systems and sustainable technologies. Through his studies and time at RCG he has developed knowledge across a wide range of renewable technologies. Mr McCausland is also an experience programmer.

Mr McCausland is qualified in engineering science.


Dan Kyle Spearman is a Director in RCG’s London office, leading on floating wind. A background in naval architecture with 6 years of fixed and floating offshore wind experience brings a broad range of technical, operational and commercial expertise.

Mr Spearman is an expert in floating offshore wind and has worked with the leading developers to reduce the cost and risks to enable the future commercialisation of floating wind. He has a proven track record of delivering complex projects with multiple stakeholders across a range of topics in both fixed and floating offshore wind.

Dan Kyle Spearman has a wide range of offshore wind experience, having managed the Floating Wind Joint Industry Programme and the O&M workstream in the world-leading Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) research programme. In these collaborative programmes, he worked closely with fifteen of the leading international developers and Scottish Government to make both fixed and floating offshore wind into mainstream energy sources. In particular, Dan worked with developers to address the technical challenges for deployment of future large-scale floating farms, giving insight into the challenges and opportunities of floating wind and engaging with the floating wind supply chain to implement the results. He has also managed multiple projects relating to marine logistics which have reduced costs, improved offshore health and safety and reduced vessel emissions. He has supported innovators with demonstrating and commercialising their technologies. Previous experience includes the designing and testing of high-speed vessels, control system programming and build co-ordination at a major UK shipyard.

Dan Kyle Spearman is a qualified Naval Architect with additional qualifications in project management. He also has STCW certification for going offshore.

Mark Del Franco is Associate Director of RCG and is the firm’s Head of Communications. He has more than 25 years’ experience in the publishing industry, with a broad range of editorial, public relations, social media, as well as corporate and internal communications experience.

Mr Del Franco is an expert communicator and has a unique ability to find the story. As head of communications, he has responsibility for building and optimising RCG services and solutions through traditional and new media. He has a proven track record in generating buzz and getting results.

With experience spanning major trade publications and within the energy consultancy sector, Mr Del Franco has held multiple energy industry leadership roles and has reported on several major stories involving the North American renewables market. Focusing on all aspects of the wind industry, Mark Del Franco served as editor of respected trade journal North American Windpower for a decade. He scored several major news interviews with US senators, governors as well as other stakeholders. From the ongoing saga of the production tax credit to the development of the emerging US offshore wind industry to Ontario’s feed-in tariff struggles, he has covered it all in North America.

Mr Del Franco is qualified in corporate communications.  He has served as moderator for several renewable energy conferences, including the American Wind Energy Association and Canadian Wind Energy Association.

Tor Inge Vevatne is a Director and serves as General Manager of RCG Nordic. He has over 12 years’ experience focusing on cost modelling and investment strategy in the renewables sector.

Mr Vevatne has led financial advisory assignments, building project finance, cost, and optimisation models for clients from first principles. These accomplishments have been achieved through close cooperation with engineers in multi-disciplinary project teams which have required Mr Vevatne strong inter-personal skills in international environments. Mr Vevatne is also a Director and founder of ÆGE Energy.

Mr Vevatne works closely with specialists in multiple areas which has allowed him to develop a unique insight into the onshore and offshore wind and electrical infrastructure industry beyond what is normal for financial experts. His project knowledge includes cost modelling, permits, power purchase agreements (PPAs), wind analysis, supply chain, price curve forecasting, use of system tariffs and grid agreements. His experience includes financial analysis for UK onshore wind acquisitions; offshore wind cost and optimisation modelling; cost model auditing for offshore wind industry; onshore wind cost modelling, merit order analysis and acquisition strategy.