Victor van Rie


Victor van Rie is a consultant at ERM Renewables Advisory and has over three years’ experience working in the Offshore Wind industry. He has worked in operations, engineering and project development combined with commercial and strategic experience.

Victor van Rie has experience working in multidisciplinary teams in complex offshore wind projects in a variety of geographies. As consultant, he has the drive to provide strategic insights combined with a robust engineering basis to enable success for clients.

With experience from the a leading marine contractor and offshore wind development, Victor van Rie has knowledge about the whole life cycle of an offshore wind farm, from auctioning to commissioning. He has been involved in a green field development of an offshore wind farm, working closely with authorities and other stakeholders to bring value to both developers and society. Victor has worked on many projects in cable installation and burial, working for major international offshore wind developers, and has offshore experience. Victor also has experience in working in complex and multidisciplinary environments in an entrepreneurial setting.

Victor van Rie is a qualified engineer, specialised in hydraulic and coastal engineering.

Representative Assignments

Green field development, offshore wind
Developed green field offshore wind farm, managing CAPEX estimation, permitting, EIA, business case development, stakeholder management.
System Integration, offshore wind
Assisted commercial lead in origination efforts in order to facilitate systemic integration of offshore wind energy.
Burial assessment study, offshore wind
Analysed, engineered and estimated the required working method to enable sufficient cable protection to enable safe and successful operations.