Taliesin Slatter


Taliesin Slatter is an Associate at RCG, joining in Summer 2022 while finishing his postgraduate studies. He has a passion for sustainability and has tailored his education to renewable energy, in particular offshore wind, during his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Taliesin has experience in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations and skills in data analysis and programming. He has provided support in a large variety of projects for multiple teams, from market intelligence to site finding.

Whilst studying an MSc in Sustainable Energy Technologies, Taliesin was able to explore the multidisciplinary nature of renewable energy projects and the de-carbonisation of energy. He brings a technical skillset to RCG, along with an ambition to contribute towards the UK’s net zero goals by helping to reduce the carbon intensity of the electrical grid and drive society towards a sustainable future. His education encompasses technical design projects, country-wide de-carbonisation assignments, floating platform response analysis and many topics in between.

Taliesin pursued an undergraduate degree in physics and is a Member of the Institute of Physics. He later specialised in renewable energy, covering a wide range of subjects such as energy markets and policy, carbon calculations, floating and fixed offshore wind anchoring systems, wind turbine and farm design, solar PV technologies, hydrogen fuel cells and electrolysers and wave and tidal generators.

Representative Assignments

Stirling Engine Modelling and Simulation
MSc project consisted of designing and optimising a free-piston Stirling engine, a thermodynamic heat engine that can be coupled with a variety of fuel sources such as solar and geothermal.
Wind Farm Wake Simulations
Undergraduate project investigated the modelling of wakes within wind farms via CFD simulations and Python models to optimise the turbine layout.
Australian Offshore Wind Site Characterisation
Provided assessment on port suitability for both floating and fixed offshore wind construction and maintenance bases.