Søren Juel Petersen

Regional Lead - Northern Europe

Mr Juel Petersen plays a central role in shaping and delivering RCG’s strategy for growth in the Northern Europe region as well as contributing towards the growth of our global Owner’s Engineering service area.

Søren Juel Petersen is, with close to 25 years of experience within this field, an expert in the establishment of wind energy projects, in particular offshore. Further, he has 35 years of experience within general construction for large onshore and offshore infrastructure projects. Søren has international experience of working on major, complex, multidisciplinary – and large projects. Søren is capable of occupying central and important roles in major engineering projects, as he has done for the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute in Oslo, the Øresund Link Consultants and a series of onshore and complex offshore wind projects in Europe, USA and Asia. Søren has been stationed within client’s organizations for development and implementation of offshore wind projects.


Representative Assignments

Screening of Potential Sites for Development of Offshore Wind Projects
Senior team member for the screening of potential sites for development of offshore wind projects. The work shall support the client’s decision for which sites to seek permit for pre-investigations. The work included conditions for construction of balance of plant, preliminary energy yield for the candidate sites and potential ease of permitting with respect to environmental conditions.
Nordre Flint and Aflandshage Nearshore Wind Projects
Technical project management during final project development, permitting and drafting of Employer’s technical requirements for the tendering of the projects. The assignment also included cross-discipline coordination between the expected authority requirements and the wind turbine supply and installation packages, turbine foundation design, supply and installation, the electrical medium voltage packages, the assessment of the business cases, interface register, risk register and risk modelling, implementation of requirements to sustainability, together with management of the team working on the project.
Eystrasalt Offshore Wind Project, Sweden
Project manager for the provision of technical input concerning all parts of the of the 3.8GW project for the permitting process of the project. The assignment included multidisciplinary input for; environmental conditions, turbines, structural, electrical, offshore logistics, and time schedule, all in close cooperation with the environmental part of the permitting.