Raimond Dasalla


Raimond Dasalla is an Associate in RCG’s London office. He has expertise in policy analysis and political research, with special interest in the energy sector in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. 

Raimond joined RCG in February 2022, right after his master’s degree in Asian Politics. Due to his deep understanding of the Philippine energy sector and the Southeast Asian region, he brings into the firm the expertise to advise clients in its market entry strategies, primarily in the Philippines. 

Prior to moving to the United Kingdom, Mr Dasalla used to work for a leading political consultancy firm in the Philippines, handling the firm’s energy research portfolio. With this stint, Raimond developed his appreciation towards renewable energy technologies and realised that his home country is rich with potential forces of renewable energy. Raimond also authored several policy papers related to the country’s energy policy whilst doing his bachelor’s degree in Political Science. One of his policy paper suggesting improvements in the Philippines’ retail energy market was presented before the country’s energy regulator. 

Mr Dasalla is qualified in Political Science and Asian Politics. He also attended an International Economy & Sustainable Development course at the Innes Institute in Vienna, Austria. 

Representative Assignments

Market entry strategy
Supported a project to strategise a firm’s entry to the Philippine energy market. Provided insights on the current policy frameworks in energy and foreign investments, supply chain analysis to assess the readiness of the Philippines, and comparison of foreign investment restrictions between the Philippines and its ASEAN peers.
APAC Media Report 
Collated and analysed news articles relating to offshore wind technology and other renewable energy technologies in the Philippines.