Peter Krabb


Peter Krabb is a Principal of RCG since 2022. He has more than 10 years’ experience in the renewable energy industry, with focus on energy storage and photovoltaic technologies, combined with management, commercial, operational, and strategy experience.

Peter is an expert in development and operation of utility scale battery projects. As a Principal based in Canada for the Advisory and Solar/BESS team he contributes with battery storage modelling, owner’s engineer and independent engineer expertise.

With experience from pure technical to management engineering positions, Peter held multiple leading positions in the energy industry in small start-ups as well as for a large utility which operates hydro, wind, solar and battery assets. He was part of the business and product development for the Battery Center of this utility where he conducted business plan and technical evaluation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of battery projects. He had the lead of the Technology and Modelling team, responsible for feasibility studies, technical due diligence, project management, and R&D. He has expertise in various utility scale battery projects especially in optimization of revenue stacking applications. Additionally, he has deep knowledge of advanced battery analytics, to model degradation effects of different battery cells.

Peter Krabb is trained as a physicist and is also qualified in renewable energy and communication electronics.

Representative Assignments

BESS Utility Scale
Led the development of the technical acceptance criteria. Responsible for advanced operating strategy on different markets (FCR, aFFR, mFFR) considering warranty constraints and degradation.
BESS for Industrial Customer
Developed a redundancy concept for critical BESS operation with backup generators.
BESS for Charging Stations
Commissioned and optimized various batteries at high power charging stations with revenue stacking application (peakshaving, balancing services, energy arbitrage).