Nick Chivers

Director; Global Practice Lead - OEMs & Contractors

Nick Chivers is a Director at RCG and leads the global practice for Contractors & Manufacturers. He has over 18 years’ specific experience in the renewable energy industry, with a depth and breadth of risk, management, operational, and project experience.

Mr Chivers has worked almost exclusively in the renewable energy industry, predominantly focused on wind and marine energy, with significant experience in compliance and safety. In addition to working as a consultant to client and projects, he has spent many years focused on business development, company growth and building teams, serving the renewable energy sector.

As an experienced and qualified consultant, and following early career experience as a project engineer, Mr Chivers has been advising and leading on project and corporate safety and risk in the renewable energy and construction industries for much of his career. Consultancy assignments have included the roles of HSE Manager, Design Safety Advisor (CDM in the UK), and Safety & Compliance Advisor for an extensive range of project developers, utilities, contractors, manufacturers and blue-chip organisations.

Mr Chivers is qualified in product design and information technology. He also holds professional membership with national and international associations for project safety, occupational safety and health, and project construction.  He has attended business management and performance programmes.

Representative Assignments

High altitude wind power, design safety
Client’s Safety Advisor, under UK Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM), providing strategy and assessment of design safety during the development of a new renewable energy technology – a “wing” (kite) flown at high altitude, tethered to a ground mounted spooling drum.
Offshore wind, HSE management
Project lead for health safety and environment (HSE) management, strategy, and design risk, to a UK offshore wind joint venture project (two international power utility companies). Responsible for strategy, coordination and project design risks across all project packages. HSE management and performance assessment during contracts, tendering, vessel audits and contractor selection.
Offshore wind, project acquisition and transaction
Due diligence for client acquisition of an offshore wind farm. Advisor, reviewing and providing technical input regarding environment, health and safety liabilities, compliance and risks.
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