Mark Del Franco

Associate Director

Mark Del Franco is Associate Director of RCG and is the firm’s Head of Communications. He has more than 25 years’ experience in the publishing industry, with a broad range of editorial, public relations, social media, as well as corporate and internal communications experience.

Mr Del Franco is an expert communicator and has a unique ability to find the story. As head of communications, he has responsibility for building and optimising RCG services and solutions through traditional and new media. He has a proven track record in generating buzz and getting results.

With experience spanning major trade publications and within the energy consultancy sector, Mr Del Franco has held multiple energy industry leadership roles and has reported on several major stories involving the North American renewables market. Focusing on all aspects of the wind industry, Mark Del Franco served as editor of respected trade journal North American Windpower for a decade. He scored several major news interviews with US senators, governors as well as other stakeholders. From the ongoing saga of the production tax credit to the development of the emerging US offshore wind industry to Ontario’s feed-in tariff struggles, he has covered it all in North America.

Mr Del Franco is qualified in corporate communications.  He has served as moderator for several renewable energy conferences, including the American Wind Energy Association and Canadian Wind Energy Association.