Madeleine Tholen

Consultant – Project Development and GIS

Madeleine is a consultant at RCG and has worked in the offshore wind industry since 2021. Madeleine has participated and managed several reports and consultancy projects with leading offshore wind developers.

Madeleine has experience as an offshore wind market analyst, particularly floating offshore wind, foundations, and construction vessels. As a consultant, she will assist with and manage certain element’s of RCG’s project development services, with a focus on offshore wind site selection and feasibility studies.

Madeleine has participated in consultancy work and managed several projects which required innovative thinking and team coordination. These projects and reports have included analysis of energy policy and regulatory framework in different markets. She subsequently has excellent understanding of different seabed leasing, auction models, Power Purchase Agreements, and CfD schemes in a variety of markets. She also forecasts offshore wind build out, and conducts supply and demand analysis of construction vessels, turbines and foundations. She also understands the engineering aspects behind the design and optimisation of wind farms through LCOE analysis. The clients she has worked with range from leading offshore wind developers, OEMs, vessel operators and more. Through this work and participation at conferences, she has long standing relationships with her clients.

Madeleine completed a first class masters degree in geophysics from the University of Southampton. Her research project was published in the International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control where she discovered methods of detecting a leak of CO2 from a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) site using time-lapse seismic reflection imaging.

Representative Assignments

Technical advisor, turbine installation vessels
Led project to analyse supply and demand for a major vessel operator seeking investment from a bank to build additional turbine installation vessels. This included analysis of vessel day rates, turbines, and offshore wind market development.
Researcher, floating offshore wind
Led a report focused on the floating offshore wind market and foundation technology. Made a comparative review of different markets strengths and weaknesses alongside leading and future foundation concepts.
Modelling, operations and maintenance
Created a model to forecast the supply and demand of offshore wind O&M vessels, and turbine intervention rates with comparison of different turbine models. High level analysis presented to leading vessel operators.