Jonah Ury


Jonah Ury is a Principal in RCG’s New York Office. He has expertise costing and bench-marking large-scale renewable energy projects, conducting levelised cost of energy (LCoE) modelling for wind farm development in the United States and worldwide, and analysing US energy market opportunities for investor reports.

Mr Ury has significant experience supporting large-scale renewable energy development and investment for governments, developers, and investors. He has served as a key analyst on high-profile engagements in renewable energy M&A, greenfield site development, and market entry strategy.

Mr. Ury brings to RCG his training in project finance, ecosystem modelling, and experiences working in the renewable energy industry in Alaska and at a leading governmental agency in Massachusetts. Since joining RCG, he has helped develop the firm’s LCOE modelling, capable of forecasting offshore wind cost competitiveness globally. He has experience conducting detailed due-diligence and market research assignments for some of the largest renewable energy deals happening today. On RCG’s public sector engagements, he has worked with state and federal governments in the United States and abroad to ensure cost-confidence and develop programs that will foster a robust offshore wind industry. He is committed to providing high-quality industry analysis and building a strong renewable energy future globally.

Mr Ury has a degree in political economics and ecology with training in renewable energy finance and modelling stochastic processes. He has professional and academic experience with wide range of renewable energy.

Representative Assignments

Due diligence - US Atlantic-coast offshore wind
Cost, schedule, and risk advisory on major US offshore wind M&A deal for confidential equity investor.
Due diligence - confidential renewable energy portfolio
Analyzed US onshore assets and revenue performance for advisory to pension fund equity investment mandate.
Offshore wind levelised cost of energy (LCOE) site-selection support
Led LCOE modelling efforts to inform offshore wind site selection process and identify key cost drivers for numerous clients in United States, Europe, and Taiwan.
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