Jesse Broehl


Jesse Broehl is a Principal in RCG’s New York Office. He has over a decade of experience as a research analyst, consultant and wind energy subject matter expert journalist covering renewable energy. Mr. Broehl uniquely blends technical and industry knowledge on the US renewable energy market with years of writing and market report authorship experience.

Mr. Broehl is an experienced renewables analyst and has lead authorship on multiple technical and market intelligence reports. His experience includes over a decade focusing analyses on wind energy primarily, and solar and energy storage secondarily. As a skilled writer and industry analyst, Mr. Broehl is familiar with all aspects of the renewables market both domestically in the US and globally, and excels in market insights and strategy. He has served clients from across the industry, including wind turbine OEM companies, private equity companies, oil companies, and others.

Mr Broehl joins RCG from the leading US trade group for renewables, where he was a key member in renewable energy market, policy, and technology trend research and analyses. As a research analyst and consultant at an energy consultancy, Mr Broehl managed the firm’s global wind energy market analysis, competitive assessments, product and supply chain analysis, market forecasts and emerging technologies and strategies. In this role he was also the lead author on multiple annual reports and data products. Mr. Broehl has a degree in journalism and multiple lead authorship credits to his name.

Representative Assignments

Wind energy market report production and management
Major roles leading, managing, authoring, numerous market reports focused on the wind energy sector including Global Wind Energy Overview: Assessment of Global Wind Power Markets, Capacity Additions, Policies, Wind Turbine OEM Market Dynamics, and Market Forecasts, 4Q 2019 (Lead Author), and co-authored Clean Power Annual 2020 Report (Published July 2021), American Clean Power Association (ACP).
Wind energy market forecasts and data services
Manager of data compilation, dashboards, and output for a Global Wind Energy Database. This included, Onshore and Offshore Wind Market and Turbine OEM Vendor Ranking, Market Share, Distribution, Global and Country-Level Market Analysis, Forecasts, etc.
Task lead, Subject Matter Expert Wind Energy
Supported a major multinational global oil company to assess and forecast oil and lubricant demand globally by the wind energy market, by region, and by major wind turbine OEM and drivetrain subcategories