Jan Galceran


Jan Galceran is an Associate in RCG’s Barcelona office. Jan’s background is in Social Sciences, complemented with Data Analysis to consolidate his research and consulting skills.

Jan developed research and analysis skills studying a degree on Philosophy, Politics and Economics, which is characterised by its interdisciplinarity. The degree provided Jan with tools to analyse reality from different perspectives in order to make well founded assessments. Prior to working with RCG, Jan studied a PgDip on Data Analysis and programming applied to Social Sciences that improved his knowledge on qualitative analysis. Through his internship in the Association of Political Science and Sociology of Catalonia, he learned about the Consultant’s role and gained experience in market research.

Representative Assignments

Market Review, Offshore Wind
Conducted market research on Lithuanian offshore wind energy, with a special focus on the policy and legislation that had been put in place to foster the development of the first Baltic Offshore Wind Farm.
Training Plan, Offshore Wind
Supported the development of a Training Plan to increase client knowledge on offshore wind energy.
Data Entry, Offshore Wind
Researched information to complement and update company profiles in RCG’s database GRIP. These companies have been involved in at least one offshore wind project.