Grant Dawson


Grant Dawson is a Principal with RCG in Taipei. His experience is primarily based on delivering technical due diligence assignments having managed and supported various international projects as a technical advisor for lenders, investors and vendors.

Grant’s experience as a technical consultant ranges from the pre-financial close stage through to construction and operation of over 25 onshore and offshore wind projects across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. His specific knowledge includes the technical risks of project contracts, construction schedules, operation and maintenance strategies and financial modelling.

Prior to joining RCG, Grant worked at a leading, global engineering consultancy. Here he was engaged in numerous international due diligence assignments throughout the project lifecycle. He was responsible for project construction elements, in particular schedules and construction accessibility modelling to independently assess weather downtime and strategy for offshore project construction in Taiwan, the UK and USA. He also has experience in managing multidisciplinary teams when representing project lenders and investors.

Grant has a master’s degree in electrical and mechanical engineering from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland, where he focused specifically on renewable energy and technology modules.

Representative Assignments

Pre-financial close due diligence, UK offshore wind
Lender’s technical advisor for £2bn project financing. Deputy project management role including responsibility of various aspects such as project contracts, construction programme, weather downtime analysis, PPA, risk and contingency analysis.
Acquisition due diligence, Taiwan offshore wind
Deputy project manager on behalf of a client seeking to invest into a pre-construction 1GW+ Taiwan offshore wind farm, with key areas of focus on construction programme, contracts and specific localisation requirements
Acquisition due diligence, South-East Asia onshore wind
Technical due diligence support for the client to make a successful acquisition into a 2.5GW+ onshore wind portfolio across five South East Asian countries, by managing a multidisciplinary team across all five countries to support with technical knowledge of local aspects.