Graham Arndt


Graham Arndt is a recruited renewable energy co-op student for RCG’s office in Vancouver since early 2022.  He is an Associate that has developed experience in conducting technical due diligence for a variety of solar PV projects and completing research analysis on a broader suite of renewable energy projects.

Graham joined RCG through an internship with his university. During his time at RCG, he has established a strong background in reviewing solar and hybrid solar & storage projects throughout their development and construction stages. Graham has also become proficient at conducting research and assessing marketing trends within the global offshore wind market.

Prior to working for RCG, Graham studied both as a chemist and Earth scientist. This combined programme focused both on developing practical field experience as well as technical knowledge in renewable energy processes, and how to minimize society’s ecological footprint. Additionally, advanced knowledge in electrochemistry has fostered higher comprehension in redox flow batteries utilized within the battery storage market. Conjoining his studies and his time working at RCG, Graham continues to broaden his expertise in sustainable energy technologies, with his primary focus on examination and implementation of solar, battery, and wind energy projects.

Representative Assignments

Construction Monitoring
Provided lender’s support on solar project in Alberta, Canada. This included periodic financial and schedule reviews of the project during its construction phase. Continual support was provided to the lender following substantial completion which entailed reviewing as-built design drawings, confirming acceptance tests, and re-examining the financial model.
Lender's Technical Due Diligence for Solar PV
Conducted technical due diligence to support debt financing for a hybrid solar & storage project in Canada implementing flow batteries. This task entailed completing a full-scale financial and technological review of the project prior to financial close.
Technical Advisory Services
Performed market research and strategic analysis of developing and existing national policies to support further advancement of offshore wind energy.