Graham Arndt


Graham Arndt is a recruited renewable energy co-op student for RCG’s office in Vancouver since early 2022. He is an associate that has experience in researching, data collection, and analysis of renewable energy related projects.

Graham Arndt joined RCG through an internship with his university. During his time at RCG, Mr Arndt has become proficient at conducting research, assessing marketing trends, and exploration of renewable energy strategies. Having studied Earth science previously, Mr Arndt has gained academic experience in renewable energy developments and sustainability practices.

Prior to working for RCG, Graham Arndt studied both as a chemist and Earth scientist. This combined programme focused both on developing practical field experience as well as technical knowledge in renewable energy processes, and how to minimize society’s ecological footprint. Conjoining his studies and his time working at RCG, Mr Arndt continues to broaden his expertise in sustainable energy technologies, with his primary focus on examination and implementation of solar and wind powered renewable energy projects.

Representative Assignments

Solar energy projects
Conducting thorough research on solar energy activities and assessing their viability in the commercial market.
Data Analyst
Undertaking data collection and statistical analysis of solar energy market trends.
Elections Officer for Elections BC
Assisting people in voting and management of confidential client information for updating into the provincial database.