Emily Kuhn

Associate Director

Emily Kuhn is a Associate Director in RCG’s New York Office. She brings a unique perspective into technical consulting blending strategic and policy experience with technical expertise. Leveraging her knowledge of markets, regulation, cost analysis and site characterization she assists clients as they enter and navigate the United States and global onshore and offshore wind markets.

Ms Kuhn has significant experience working in the United States energy industry, most recently serving as a strategy analyst at the largest state-owned utility in the United States. She is experienced in corporate strategy design, site characterization, development portfolio valuation as well as permitting and renewable energy policy.  Ms Kuhn has extensive experience in energy policy and market analysis at both the federal and state levels.

With experience spanning both the utility industry and within the non-governmental organisation (NGO) sector, Ms Kuhn has had multiple roles requiring the development and delivery of complex multi-stakeholder projects. Prior to RCG, she worked at the American Wind Energy Association, the national trade association representing onshore wind developers and suppliers. Her past experience, working for a state government as well as a trade association, make Ms Kuhn well placed to understand the unique needs of our public sector clients.

Ms Kuhn is qualified in environmental management, with a further degree in public affairs. She is also certified in energy finance.

Representative Assignments

Cost analysis, offshore wind, for state agency
Performed a site characterisation exercise for future BOEM lease areas in the northeast and developed CAPEX and OPEX inputs for future projects that were modeled dynamically based on site characterisation data.
Development portfolio valuation, wind and solar, for institutional investor
Evaluated development portfolio of onshore wind and solar based on an assessment framework in which we converted research and professional assessment of key milestones into a quantitative outputs suitable for modelling use.
Risk review, offshore wind, for original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
Addressed pre-construction and construction permitting risks pertaining to offshore wind development for an OEM looking to enter the US offshore wind market.
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