Emilie Reeve

Director; Global Practice Lead - Public Sector

Emilie Reeve is a Director in RCG’s London office. She is an experienced project manager as well as offering clients a broad range of expertise including, technology evaluation, corporate strategy and international market assessment.

Ms Reeve has extensive experience working within the renewable energy industry, with a proven track record in managing complex, multi-stakeholder projects. Her expertise is wide-ranging, from policy advice to technology assessment and new-market intelligence, providing strategic insight to key decision makers in the renewables industry.

Through her research and development work with numerous large-scale developers, Ms Reeve has managed the commercialisation and up-take of game-changing innovative technologies, such as the use of higher voltage (66 kV) inter-array cables, which has contributed to the cost reduction of projects.  Furthermore, she has led the development and delivery of a complex multi-stakeholder programme aimed at funding collaborative research projects, so as to better understand the impacts of offshore wind on the marine environment. In addition to her R&D expertise, Ms Reeve has a deep understanding of the technical, regulatory and supply chain challenges facing new renewable energy markets. Ms Reeve has worked closely with the United States, Taiwanese and Japanese governments supporting their development of renewable energy by providing expert technical, policy and best practice advice.

Ms Reeve is qualified in marine environmental management and is a certified expert in climate and renewable energy finance.

Representative Assignments

Environmental research
Led project to understand how birds interact with offshore wind farms and assess the true risk of collision. The UK-based multi-million-pound project, which involved public bodies, multiple offshore wind developers and numerous experts, saw state of the art technology installed at an operational wind farm to monitor and analyse birds.
Decommissioning costs and technology review
Led and co-authored a review for the Japanese Government of the current methods used for decommissioning offshore wind turbines. This included an extensive review of the current technology used, the associated costs, and European Union regulatory challenges.
Marine spatial plan best practice for Japanese Government
Led and co-authored a best practice review of the different European approaches to marine spatial planning to inform Japanese marine planning and regulations.
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