Dr Steve Freeman


Dr Steve Freeman is a Director at RCG with over 23 years of environmental management, project development and commercialization of offshore energy projects and emerging renewable energy technologies, globally.

Dr Freeman has held senior management positions within the energy industry and advisory roles for project owners and government agencies seeking support in site selection and project development. This includes project support across Europe and in new markets such as USA and deployments to Taiwan and Japan. A results-focused individual with a proven track record in directing complex and multi-disciplinary teams, his expertise extends across renewable energy project from inception through to construction and operation. Dr Freeman has undertaken leading roles in the development and management of major infrastructure projects, including long-term secondments to bolster the strategic and commercial inputs required to inform senior management teams, investors and CEOs.

Dr Freeman has provided technical advisory, due diligence and market entry support to both onshore and offshore ventures. Formerly a regulator, and with a consultancy career in the oil and gas sector, he has worked in advisory roles for many leading energy firms. Dr Freeman previously served as industry representative to the UK government’s Marine Science Co-ordination Committee (MSCC) and chair for the Marine Industry Liaison Group.

Dr Freeman is a marine biologist and practitioner in environmental management. He has held scholarships in Hong Kong and the USA. He has further training in energy law and policy.

Representative Assignments

Offshore wind project developer secondment
Seconded to an offshore wind developer in Japan to provide advisory support to site-selection, project development, supply-chain, EIA and stakeholder consultation. Provided strategy and technical support for development teams and preparations for project EIA.
Technical advisory on offshore wind master plan
Led technical work packages on navigation considerations and socioeconomics for siting offshore wind energy areas on behalf of a US state authority. Provided technical advisory support on other environmental constraints and development of appropriate project design envelopes.
Technical advisory secondment to wave energy technology firm
Seconded to a wave energy technology firm to provide advisory services on environmental, policy and market requirements for commercialisation of a privately-funded venture, which included being the interface between the design, commercial and procurement teams, as well as an advisor to senior management and co-founders.
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