David McGonigal


Mr David McGonigal is an Associate in RCG’s Glasgow office. He is experienced in environmental assessment, policy development and engaging with stakeholders.

Mr McGonigal has diverse experience useful for the renewables sector. His educational and working background provide knowledge of policy and environmental challenges relating to renewable energy and emerging technologies. He has a proven track record in project delivery, research and analysis.

With experience in the public sector, Mr McGonigal has worked on national strategies, plans and frameworks. His role was varied but mainly focused on environmental assessment work, research, policy analysis and stakeholder engagement.

Mr McGonigal trained as a marine biologist with a focus on environmental assessment and policy.

Representative Assignments

Environmental Assessment
Worked on a national planning framework, providing assessment of the pressures and trends facing Scotland’s environment, such as the increasing use of renewables.
Investigated the latest breakthroughs in carbon capture and hydrogen technology to identify how the technologies are likely to factor into environmental assessments.
Policy development
Analysed responses from different stakeholder groups to understand prevailing perceptions of proposed policies and identify areas which needed addressed.