Dailing Wu


Dailing Wu is an Associate in RCG’s Taipei office. She is supporting offshore wind project development, market intelligence and consulting. Miss Wu has a bachelor of political science and has a master’s degree in sociology, with a range of expertise in stakeholder engagement and market research & analysis from the perspective of environmental sociology.


Miss Wu joined RCG as an intern in early 2021 and won the full-time job in the same year. Prior to joining RCG, Miss Wu worked with local NGOs and city councilmen during her undergraduate years. This experience makes her sharpen her sense of politics and improve her communication skills with all levels.


Based on Miss Wu’s deep experience engaging with residents of rural area, she has spent years analysing gaps between policies and local demands. With her extensive knowledge of Taiwan’s environmental movement history and sense of politics, Miss Wu delivered critical insights and suggestions to clients those who want to root their businesses in Taiwan. Miss Wu also supported stakeholder management works in a world leading offshore wind developer’s projects in Taiwan.


Miss Wu is qualified in sociology and focuses on energy policy planning, and socioeconomic & environmental impacts of energy transition.

Representative Assignments

Offshore Wind Farm Development
Supporting developers for pre-auction project development in Taiwan, including stakeholder engagement, public relations, permitting, EIA and interface coordination, etc.
Market Intelligence
Monitoring Taiwan and China offshore wind markets and maintaining a global database. Participating in the preparation of global offshore wind quarterly and annual reports. Preparing weekly media reports of Taiwan offshore wind markets and general political status.
Market Entry
Supporting renewable energy related study and market research. This includes reviews of regulatory frameworks, renewable energy purchase options worldwide, risk identification and mitigations, onshore wind and solar energy assessment in Taiwan, etc.