Breanne Gellatly

Partner & Global Lead, Strategy and Markets

Breanne Gellatly is a Director at RCG. She has over 15 years onshore and offshore wind industry experience across the European Union, North America and Asia with roles in manufacturing, wind resource assessment, energy yield, field operations, project management, sales, key account management and contract negotiation.

Ms Gellatly has worked with a variety of international offshore wind developers to optimise both project economics and uncertainties in the wind farm development phase. She is an expert in go-to-market strategy and understands the challenges and risks associated with entering a new country.

Ms Gellatly’s career began with an operations management focus, working for a major international wind turbine manufacturer. She then moved into a wind resource assessment and energy yield role with a leading North American technical consultancy. In this role, she gained an appreciation for the financial impacts that uncertainties can have on the cost of project finance which spurred her interest to pursue an MBA. Following her MBA, she worked first for a strategy consulting company in Paris followed by the world-leading Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) research programme in London where she managed a variety of joint industry projects as well as the overall OWA steering committee. She left the OWA to join a leading floating LiDAR company to first set up their European operations and then to lead their business development, sales and account management functions.

Ms Gellatly holds a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and a master’s in business administration.

Representative Assignments

Technical and contractual negotiator between energy major and smaller supplier
Negotiated technical and contractual terms between an energy major and a small supplier, ensuring the final contract reflected a fair balance of risk, reward, liability and fees.
Market due diligence, offshore wind
Led an offshore wind market due diligence on behalf of an acquiring company looking at market growth, industry trends, client base, competition, risk and potential synergies from the acquisition.
Go-to-market strategy, Japan, Korea and Vietnam
Developed market entry strategies for Japan, Korea and Vietnam considering market size, competition, local supply chain, political climate, key stakeholders as well as differences in taxes, permitting, HSE and other standards.