Bernd Okkels

Technical Consulting Director

Mr Bernd Okkels is a Technical Consulting Director at RCG. He has worked with engineering, procurement and construction of offshore wind farms and Power-to-X plants for more than 25 years and has comprehensive experience with business and project development.

Mr. Okkels has extensive experience with maturation and development of novel technology, converting innovative ideas to actual projects, introducing and implementing new technical solutions for sustainable energy projects. He has detailed knowledge of flexible power plants and large-scale integration of renewables in transmission and distribution systems. He has worked with Hybrid power plants, Solar power, energy storage and founded a Power-to-X competence center.

Mr. Okkels is trained as an electrical power engineer and is also qualified in line- and project management.  

Representative Assignments

Grid connection, offshore wind
Project Manager for project development, project maturation, tendering, planning and contract signing. Negotiation and coordination of grid connection including demonstrating grid code compliance.
O&M optimisation, offshore wind
Development of contingency plans for HV-equipment on offshore- and onshore substations, export- and array-cables, enabling fast fault localization, sourcing of spare parts and mobilization & execution of repair jobs. Implemented standardized maintenance programs.
Offshore hydrogen production
Engineering manager for a 10 GW offshore hydrogen production project, developing solutions for both centralised and decentralised hydrogen production clarifying how the concept impact on LCOH.