Arlen McCausland

Senior Associate

Arlen McCausland is an Associate in RCG’s London office. He is an analyst supporting market intelligence and technical advisory work across all renewable energy technologies and regions.

Mr McCausland joined RCG full-time in 2020 after completing an internship with the company. His skill set includes market research and the development and use of in-house data evaluation tools. Having studied an engineering degree Mr McCausland has a broad range of academic expertise relevant to renewable energy.

Prior to working at RCG, Mr McCausland studied an engineering degree with a focus on renewable energy systems and sustainable technologies. Through his studies and time at RCG he has developed knowledge across a wide range of renewable technologies. Mr McCausland is also an experience programmer.

Mr McCausland is qualified in engineering science.


Representative Assignments

Offshore wind supply chain assessment: Vietnam
Undertook a comprehensive review and readiness assessment of companies and infrastructure to support the rapidly developing market.
Offshore wind auctions review
Review of offshore wind auctions, and the key factors which allowed companies to succeed.
Database management
Continual support and development work on RCG’s online GRIP Database service.