Andrew Sirota


Andrew Sirota is an Associate in RCG’s New York Office.  As a newer addition to the RCG team, Andrew brings his interest in renewable energy and knowledge developing economic solutions to multifaceted issues. He also has experience with geospatial analysis and various research tasks.

With experience analyzing economic policy at a leading environmental non-profit and sustainable economics research for a major infrastructure firm, Andrew has worked on many projects relevant to the industry. He also has a strong background in economic impact analysis and experience comparing competing infrastructure projects for funding appropriations. Further, his projects utilizing geographic information systems, coupled with a passion for atmospheric sciences, make him especially keen to analyze climate issues from a spatial lens.

With a B.S. in Environment & Sustainability and a concentration in Environmental Economics and Climate Change, Andrew has a broad foundation of experience and knowledge to apply to the renewable energy sector.

Representative Assignments

Solar Site Suitability Analysis
Identified suitable locations for industrial solar farms in the Finger Lakes region of New York.
GIS Tornado Vulnerability Index
Analyzed the spatial risk of significant tornado impacts across the U.S. by creating a unique index that digested socioeconomic and climate data.
Oil & Gas Operator Health Tool
Developed an operator health metric within Microsoft Excel, integrating financial and production data, for use within an analytical tool that identifies oil and gas wells at risk of becoming abandoned.